The Student Supervisor Role enables you to designate teachers.

You can Assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.

The supervisor will be able to see the student's user profile (even if it is set to private) as well as have an oversight over student activity and statistics. They will also be part of all 1:1 learning channels the student is a part of.

A supervisor can be assigned to the student by an admin or the student can pick their own supervisor.

To invite a supervisor to the platform, follow these steps:

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Users.

2. Click Add New to add a new user.

3. Enter the required information.

4. From the Role drop-down, choose Student Supervisor.

5. Click Add New User.

If you'd like to turn an existing user into a supervisor, just go into their user profile and pick Student Supervisor from the Role drop-down, then save the changes.

To configure the student supervisor interaction in your platform, follow these steps:

1. In your WordPress site, go to eLearnCommerce -> Settings.

2. Click the Student Supervisor option under Learner Profile.

3. This will open the Student Supervisor settings for your platform.

Student Profile

Choose Supervisor: Enter the text you'd like to be displayed in the student profile tab that will allow students to choose their supervisor.

Allow Student Switch: Check the box if you'd like to allow students to switch supervisors directly from their student profile.

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