You can easily import your users from your previous membership site to eLearnCommerce and the Sales Engine. Use this to import members of your organization or corporation as well.

This works really great if you're building a team training site.

First of all, you'll need to export your users from your membership site into a CSV file. 

Once you have the file, follow these steps:

1: Go to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health

2: Choose Data System option

3: Click the Start button next to the Import CSV : Users option

4: This will open the Import box. Click the box to upload your file. Once ready, click Continue.

5: Review the data and make sure it is all set. Then click Continue.

6: Configure your email notifications. This is the email that will go out to your contacts with their new login information.

7: Preview your email and make sure everything is how you'd like it to be. Then click Continue.

8: The import will be performed. Once completed, click Assign Content to assign users to the correct membership.

9: Choose the settings for the rule that will assign users to your content.

10: Once Access Rules have been assigned, you have the option to 1.: assign rules to all students, 2.: to create a new rule or 3.: click the assign individually to assign rules to students individually.

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