You can now set up a custom / register success URL for your eLearnCommerce authentication forms using a shortcode on your Index Page!

To set up a your custom URL and redirect your students to wherever you want to send them upon successful registration just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the page where you'd like to set this up from the WordPress sidebar.

Step 2:

Click the eLearnCommerce shortcode icon and select Miscellaneous -> Authentication Form.

Step 3:

This will open the visual editor. Choose what you would like to happen upon success and the URL you'd like to redirect your student to.

Choosing Default - Refresh Page under Success Type will refresh the page and redirect the learner to the specified URL while choosing Public Profile Redirect will simply redirect users to their profile upon login.

Step 4:

You can also use the User Logged In and User Logged Out conditional shortcodes to only display the login form if the user is actually logged out.

Step 5:

Once you finish setting it up, just click the Use Shortcode button to add the shortcode to your page and save the page!

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