Since eLearnCommerce 1.11 Backup and imports are now native. This means you no longer need the eLearnCommerce Import & Export Add-On as everything can be done natively now!

To import a backup file or a CSV file to your eLearnCommerce powered platform, as well as to set up a backup, you'll need to go to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health -> Data System

Here you can import a eLearnCommerce backup files or you can import your Course Content using a CSV file.

To learn how you need to format your CSV, download a Sample CSV clicking the Download Sample button.

NOTE: If you are migrating your Platform as a whole from Site A to Site B using the method outlined above all current Passwords of your Users will be reset automatically by WordPress.

When your Users will login on Site B they'll have to reset their Password. 

To avoid confusion let your users and members know that they'll have to set a new password when you announce that Site B is online. 

Why can passwords not be transferred?

For security reasons eLearnCommerce encrypts passwords using "Salt" and "MD5" and therefore they cannot be migrated.

Learn How to import your users using a CSV file.

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