Since eLearnCommerce 1.11 Backup and imports are now native. This means you no longer need the eLearnCommerce Import & Export Add-On as everything can be done natively now!

To import a backup file or a CSV file to your eLearnCommerce powered platform, as well as to set up a backup, you'll need to go to eLearnCommerce -> Platform Health -> Data System

Here you can import a eLearnCommerce backup files or you can import your Course Content using a CSV file.

To learn how you need to format your CSV, download a Sample CSV clicking the Download Sample button.

In Platform Health you can also set up background backups, so eLearnCommerce will automatically create daily backups of your content, checking the appropriate checkbox. And you can also choose an amount of days after which a backup expires:

NOTE: If you are migrating your Platform as a whole from Site A to Site B using the method outlined above all current Passwords of your Users will be reset automatically by WordPress.

When your Users will login on Site B they'll have to reset their Password. 

To avoid confusion let your users and members know that they'll have to set a new password when you announce that Site B is online. 

Why can passwords not be transferred?

For security reasons eLearnCommerce encrypts passwords using "Salt" and "MD5" and therefore they cannot be migrated.

Learn How to import your users using a CSV file.

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