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To create a Membership Upgrade Sequence using the  eLearnCommerce Sales Engine, install the latest version of it on your eLearning Platform.

To describe how the Membership Upgrade Sequence feature works, we’ll go through a classic use case together.

The use case is that we’ve created Silver – Gold – Platinum Memberships on our eLearning Membership Site using the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine and we’ll analyze together how different settings you can make affect the end result and what is displayed to your users.

This Execution Plan is a very valuable resource for you when first setting up the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine: How to Create a Membership Site & Elearning Platform on your WordPress in under 5 minutes learning curve included.

If you do not have any Memberships setup already, we recommend at least 3 Memberships using the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine. In order to do that:

1.: Hover over the eLearnCommerce tab in the sidebar and go to Memberships

2.: click on Add Memberships and create your Memberships.

To create a Membership Sequence:

1.: Go to your eLearnCommerce Settings

2.: Click Advanced Options in the Sales Engine.

3. Scroll Down to “Learner Profile Tab”

By default, we’ll list all the memberships you created in chronological order. Here you can order them in the sequence you’d like your users to upgrade their Membership, starting from the lowest, at the top, and going to the highest, at the bottom of the list.

The Screencast shows how you can edit, delete and move a membership by dragging & dropping.

Note: if you add any new Memberships after first configuring the Membership Sequence, you’ll have to come back here and manually place them in the right place in the sequence.

Frontend View

Users that do not own any of the Memberships (Free Member) will see the following:

Users that own a Silver Membership will only see the Gold and Platinum upgrade options:

Users that own a Gold Membership will only see the Platinum upgrade option and users that own a Platinum Membership will only see a confirmation of the Membership they own:

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