The course type and layout is part of the initial course creation, but you can change it later if you decide you need a different approach.

There are seven course types:

  • Execution Plan
  • Standard
  • Video
  • One-Off
  • Learn Map
  • Challenge
  • Scorm

Details and the layout for each of these course types are located in the Settings area, under the General and Course Page tabs.

Steps to Choosing the Course Type

The following steps will help you choose the right course type. These steps are good for both creating a new course and updating an existing one.

  1. Click on the course you want to edit, or create a new course.
  2. Scroll down to General Options in the left-hand column. Course Type is the first section of this area.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow and select your course type.

Execution Plan is, in essence, a Checklist. Although you can use the EP Course Type to create any kind of Online Course, it’s intended use is to deliver knowledge in it’s condensed and actionable form.

Standard is the most widely used format to deliver Knowledge online today. It enables you to reproduce virtually the teaching setting you know from School or University or from any other physical world teaching scenario.

Video is a course that uses video. Users must watch a video to complete the course. There can be multiple videos to cover different lessons.

One-Off is a standalone course that is composed of a single lesson.

Learn Map enables you to visually trace a clear, step by step Learning Route.

Challenge is a course that allows you to create online challenges in your platform.

Scorm is the eLearnCommerce integration to Scorm and allows your students to have access to your Scorm courses within your eLearnCommerce e-learning platform.

The Course Type Layout

Each of the course types provides a different layout for the course.

Execution Plan

The following is the layout for both Execution Plan course types.

Users are able to check off lessons once they are completed. Once all of the lessons are done, users can check off the course.

Standard Course 

The following is the layout for the Standard Course type.

Users are required to open and go through each lesson. Once they finish, they can check it off on the lesson screen.


The following is the layout for Video courses.

Notice that the layout is much more visually focused. The lessons are the only elements that show, even when you divide it into multiple videos for different sections. Also, the thumbnails and other elements show on this screen if you added them to the course design.


The following the layout for one-off courses.

Notice the layout is a lot clearer. You have the title and the course material, in addition to a button to complete the course. There is no section or lesson navigation menu because the course is composed of a single lesson only.

Learn Map

The learn map course type will have the following layout.

The learn map has a flow structure, allowing your students to easily navigate through lessons and through a knowledge map.


A challenge course will have the layout below.

The course has a horizontal layout and easily accessible links for the student to share the challenge in social media.


A Scorm course will have the following layout.

The Scorm course will have a simple layout with a title, a description and the button for your students to start training. The course will then open in a pop-up.

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