Before you can start

Before you can setup the eLearn Commerce Knowledge Broadcaster Module, you need to install the latest Version of it on your WordPress Site.

You need at least eLearn Commerce Version 1.10 and Version 1.0.1 of the eLearn Commerce Knowledge Broadcaster Module.

Step 1

After you’ve installed the Knowledge Broadcaster Module, you will have a Copy Embed Code button on eLearn Commerce Courses, eLearn Commerce Categories Pages and on your WordPress Pages.

WPEP Courses

Note! This is great if you have, let’s say, a category with all your eLearn Commerce Offers, Ebooks or eLearn Commerce Videos. You can then just embed those anywhere on the web using the Knowledge Broadcaster Module.

WordPress Pages

Enable Frontend Sharing

How can you enable anyone that visits a course to share it anywhere on the web?


Navigate to the eLearn Commerce Settings page.

Go to Learner Engagement —> Sharing & Embed and set to Active.

Here you can also edit the text and Call to Action button text.

How to Whitelist domains

You can limit the domains that are allowed to embed content!

To Whitelist domains navigate to Settings -> AddOn Settings -> Knowledge Broadcaster

Visit the Sharing & Embed Settings to manage the settings:

Set the Allow Students to Embed Content to Inactive. This will show the Whitelist options. Set Status to Only specific domains are allowed to embed content and add a list of the domains that are allowed to embed content. Once ready, click Save Changes.

End Result

This is how it looks on the frontend.

Now anyone visiting the Course just needs to click the button and can re-embed the course anywhere on the web.

Note! The Button color is your primary color which is set in General Options —> Design Options

Note! You can embed the Course within an embedded Course as well.

Very Powerful!

If your Course is protected by a WPEP Member Magnet no matter where you’ll embed the course or where it’s being shared online, people will have to create an account and register to access the content.

They can do so without leaving the site where the Course is being embedded.

Now Go Create Massive Value!

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