Before you can integrate PayKickstart with the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine you need to install the latest Version of it on your WordPress Site.

You need at least eLearn Commerce Version 1.9 and Version 1.5 of the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine.

Follow this Execution Plan to integrate the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine with Paykickstart.

Step 1

Go to eLearn Commerce Settings —> Addon Settings —> Sales Engine

Step 2

Go to the eLearn Commerce Sales Engine Payment Gateway Settings tab.

Step 3

Scroll down to the PayKickstart Integration and keep this tab open.

Step 4

Open another tab in your browser, go to your Paykickstart Account and click on Campaigns.

Step 5

On the page that opens, click again on Campaigns.

Step 6

Now edit the Campaign which contains the PayKickstart Product(s) you intend to sell using the Content Sales Engine.

Step 7

On the page that opens, scroll down and copy the Secret Key to your Clipboard.

Step 8

Paste this Secret Key into the Sales Engine Settings and click on Save Changes.

Step 9

Go to your eLearn Commerce Course, Ebook, Offer, Video or Membership that you want to sell using PayKickstart and set the payment gateway to PayKickstart.

Step 10

Next, copy the PayKickstart Product IPN URL to your Clipboard.

Step 11

Now go to your PayKickstart Account, go to the product you created and click Edit.

Step 12

On the page that opens, scroll down and click on Integrations.

Step 13

Click the enable Button.

Step 14

Paste the PayKickstart Product IPN URL into this field.

Step 15

Click Save.


If you are selling a recurring product, set the payment Frequency in your eLearn Commerce Product here.

PayKickstart will give you a Sales Page URL only after you’ve created a Funnel. In this tutorial, we will not go into this.

The Sales Page URL is essential to complete the last step of this guide and Integrate eLearn Commerce with Paykickstart.

How to get the checkout sales page URL from PayKickStart:

Step 16

Now go to your eLearn Commerce Product and paste the URL into the Sales Page field.

Step 17

Click Save, you’re done!

Now Go Create Massive Value!

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