Once you have created your learning channel, you can add Students to it!

Students and teachers added to a channel will have that special tab enabled in their dashboard and will be able to communicate through the channel.

To add a teacher to an existing channel you'll first need to make sure they are a user with eLearnCommerce Audience Manager permissions.

If your teacher is still not a user in your WordPress site:

To add a new user go to Users in your WordPress sidebar and click Add New.

In the page that'll open, add a username for your user and their email address. Then select eLearnCommerce Audience Manager as the role and click Add New User.

If your teacher is already a user in your WordPress site:

Navigate to Users -> All Users from your WordPress sidebar.

Click Edit under the profile of the user you'd like to edit, scroll down to Role and switch it to eLearnCommerce Audience Manager. Then click Save Changes.

Now that your teacher has the correct permissions, it is time to add them to the learning channel.

Step 1:

Navigate to eLearnCommerce -> Personalize Learning.

Step 2:

Click the desired channel's name from the list.

Step 3:

Navigate to General Settings -> Participants, on the left side.

Step 4:

Use the Participants box to add the teacher to the channel!

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