You can combine a one-time fee sales model with a recurring membership sales model to offer a particular course as a single product or as part of a membership on your site.

In order to do that, you'll first need to create a sales page on your WordPress website. You can create your landing page in several different ways. Below, you'll find the steps to do it using two awesome builders: Thrive Content and Divi!

To create your page using Divi, follow the steps here:

To create your page using Thrive Content, follow the steps here:

In order to make it so that people have the option or buying just the course or the membership, you'll need to add a button with each option.

You can get the permalink to add to the Buy Course button going to the course page:

The permalink to add to the Buy Membership button can be found going to that particular membership page:

Your student will then see the option to buy the single course or the entire membership in your sales page!

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