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Step 1.: Install the eLearnCommerce Formidable Forms Integration Addon on your eLearnCommerce.

Step 2.: Create a New Form in Formidable Forms.

Alternatively, use a Form you’ve created in the past.

Embed this form on a WordPress Page.

Learn how to embed a Formidable Form.
Step 3.: Copy the URL Permalink of your Page to your Clipboard. 

Copy the URL of the Page on which you’ve embedded the Form to your Clipboard.

You can also copy it directly from the Browser address bar:

Step 4.: Go to your eLearnCommerce Content Editor.

No matter if you created a Course, Ebook, Video or Offer on your eLearnCommerce. Check out all the Content Types you can Create, Publish on your WPEP. On the right-hand side, you’ll now see this if you have the Formidable Integration Addon installed:

Now, paste the Permalink/URL of the WordPress Page where you embedded the Form into the Sell Link field.

Additionally, you can set a Global Sales Page URL in the backend Settings as well. Just go to your eLearnCommerce Settings page and look for the Formidable Integration tab in the AddOns Settings card.

If you leave the Sell Link field empty then users will be redirected to the Default Redirect Link you set in the backend.

This is great if you have only one Sales Page on your Learning Platform.

Here you can also Customize the Buy Button Text and disable the eLearnCommerce Content Upsell feature.

Learn more about the Content Upsell Feature Here:

This is how easy it is to Upsell your Content and Courses within your Membership Site with eLearnCommerce.

Now, copy the URL Permalink of your eLearnCommerce Content to your Clipboard.

Step 5.: Associate your eLearnCommerce Content with your Formidable Form.

We’re nearly done.

Set your Cursor into the Required Form field and type the name of the Formidable form you’d like to associate with your eLearnCommerce Content.

You will see that as soon as you place the cursor into the field a drop-down will unfold showing you all your Formidable Forms.

Step 6.: After Purchase Content Delivery

If you want users to access the content right after they’ve completed the payment just copy the URL/Permalink of your eLearnCommerce Content into the Formidable Forms Confirmation Text or Paste it onto the Confirmation Page which you can set for each individual Form.


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