With Version, which was released on the 15th of February 2017, the Assessments Feature was added to eLearnCommerce. Learn More about this Content Type Here.

Assessments enable you to Quiz or Assess your Students by presenting them a series of questions at the end of a section, and at the end of a course.

The Assessment Journey is composed of multiple pages but your students can navigate through the section without having a page reloading each time they move to the next one. This ensures a very smooth experience.

I. To enable Assessments

  1. Visit the eLearnCommerce Settings Page.
  2. Select the Content Options in the General tab.
  3. Check the Assessments box under Course Options.

II. Creating Assessments

You create an assessment on the same Page where you create the Course itself (see image below) You can modify the Assessment after you've created it under eLearnCommerce --> All Assessments.

 NOTE: Assessment must and are always tied to a course, and optionally to a section if it's not a final assessment.

III. How can you add an Assessment?

Within a Course Section

The Student icon, when toggled, presents you the Assessment Creation Form for this specific section.

NOTE: Keep in mind you'll want to set a title first for the assessment, or it won't save.

At the end of a Course

eLearnCommerce assessments support oEmbed. This means you can easily add any kind of embed listed here into your assessments!

This allows you to easily add YouTube or Vimeo videos to an assessment, for example!

You can also have multiple assessments present on the same page.

Please note that we offer an extensive API for Assessments, this enables you to further customize and adapt them to your teaching environment and student journey. Get in touch with us by creating a support ticket if you'd like to know more about this or if you have specific customization requirements.

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