Overview provides you with a big picture view of all your courses. It is broken down into three tabs:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Keep in mind, you cannot update the data in this view. It shows you data about your users and course activity.


The following steps will display your Overview.

1. Go to Statistics on the side menu.

2. Make sure the Overview tab is selected.

3. Click on the tab you wish to review.


There are three tabs under the Statistics Overview tab. There are some aspects that are universal, regardless of which tab you are viewing.

  • Active users are indicated in green.
  • The courses that have been started are shown in blue.
  • The courses completed are shown in yellow.

The number of users and courses display on the left line. The date range displays run along the bottom line.


The Weekly view shows you the progress that has been made over the entire week.

Notice that for the time between Tuesday the 17th and Sunday the 22nd, there were no active users, no courses started, and no lessons completed.

The weekly view shows the days of the week and the date for the month. The month is always the current month. For example, the screenshot above, Monday 16th refers to July 12th, the month the screenshot was taken.


The Monthly view shows you the progress that has been made over the year by month.

The time range covered is from 12 months ago through the current month. In the above example, you can see the following information.

  • There were two active users in August 2017 and one active user in July 2018.
  • There were no courses started in August 2017, eleven courses started in December 2017, and no courses started in July 2018.
  • There were five lessons completed in August 2017 and five completed in July 2018.

Since the screenshott is from July 2018, the first month displayed is August 2017, or 12 months before the current month.


The Yearly view shows you the progress on the course by year.

The screenshot shows you the following about users and courses in 2016.

  • There was no user or course activity prior to 2016.
  • There were 5 active users in 2016, 4 active users in 2017 and 4 active users to date in 2018.
  • A total of none courses were started in 2016, 12 in 2017, and 4 in 2018, up to the current date.
  • A total of twenty-one lessons were completed in 2016, forty-six in 2017, and 19 in 2018, up to the current date.
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