Courses allow you to see a list of all your available courses as well as statistics on them.

  • Course Lessons will show you how many lessons there are in the course.
  • Completion Rate will show you a percentage of the users who completed the course.
  • Users progressing will show you how many users are progressing through the course.
  • Users completed will show you how many users completed the course.
  • View Report will open a report on the course content and completion rate of each lesson.
  • Download allows you to download this data as a csv file.

Clicking View Report will open additional data on the course, including the completion rate of each lesson.

This tab will show you each section and the lesson of the course, as well as the lesson time, the total time, and the percentage completed. It also has a View Report button next to each lesson. Clicking it will show you the details of each user in that course and when they completed that lesson.

You can use the navigation tabs at the top to go back to the course details and to the course list.

Clicking User List will bring up a list of users progressing the course or who have completed the course.

Clicking the name of the user will show you a list of the courses they are progressing through or the courses they have completed.

Clicking View Report will bring you detailed statistics of that course and the ability to navigate through that user's courses.

  • Switch To: allows you to switch to a different course.
  • Started at: allows you to change the date the student started the course.
  • Progress: shows you much the student has progressed through the course.
  • Lesson list: displays a list of the lessons in a course and whether the student completed them or not.
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