User List shows the name of all active users. It shows you how active the users have been, as well as giving you access to each of your users’ profile information.

There is a hidden tab associated with the User Profile tab. By clicking on a user profile, you will open the User Profile tab, which provides details about the user.


The following steps will display the User List.

1. Go to Statistics on the side menu.

2. Click on the User List tab.

Description of Fields

The screen displays all of the details about users who can access your courses.

There are five parts to this screen.

  • Name shows all of the users who can access lessons on the account.
  • Courses Started shows the number of courses each user has started.
  • Courses Completed shows how many courses each user has finished.
  • Lessons Completed shows how many lessons each user has finished. This number may be different than the number of courses because courses may have more than one lesson.
  • Assessments Pending Review shows how many assessments are waiting to be reviewed.
  • Assessments Completed shows how many assessments have been completed.
  • Assessments Failed shows how many assessments the student has failed.
  • Course Progress button allows you to go in and view that student's progress on the course.
  • Assessments button allows you to go in and see that student's assessments.
  • Download button allows you to save a csv file with all this data.
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