This Shortcode lets you group the currently displayed Content Categories together into one Root Content Category.

This lets you pretty much do what Amazon does with "All Departments" but on your eLearning Platform.

Let's say you have the following Categories on your eLearning Platform: Ebooks, Videos, Courses, Execution Plans and Office Hours.

Under each category, you have 1 Course, 1 Video, 1 Ebook etc. etc.

Instead of letting your Learners navigate through all the Categories one by one, this lets you group them all together into one main root Category.

In this example, we have an Index page with 4 Categories: Courses, Ebooks, Offers and Videos, each Category having Content that is displayed below it.

We will now Group all the Categories and the respective Content together and display it all in one root Category which we'll call: All Topics



There are two ways you can enable this feature:

1st Way:

You can enable this Sitewide on all the Index Page Embeds you have in your current Index Pages.

1.: In your WordPress sidebar, hover over the eLearnCommerce tab and select Settings.

2.: Click General Options under Index Page.

3.: In General Options:

  • 3.1.: Scroll down to All Categories Filter.
  • 3.2.: Set Status to Enabled.
  • 3.3.: Choose a Title for your Root Category.
  • 3.4.: Upload an Image for your Root Category.
  • 3.5.: Click Save Changes.

2nd Way:

When building your Index Page Shortcode, set the All Categories Filter to Enabled

To know more about eLearnCommerce's Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

NOTE!: You have to set the Title and the Image in the Settings as described in a 1st Way if you want to enable it per shortcode as explained in the 2nd Way.

If you want to display and propagate your root Category to all shortcode embeds by default, just set the status to enabled like explained in the 1st Way.

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