1. Login to your WordPress website and visit wp-admin.

2. Hover over eLearnCommerce in the sidebar and click Settings.

3. Choose General Options in the Index Page card.

General Options

Index Page: Choose the page where you'd like to display your index page.

Categories Per How: Choose how many categories per row you'd like to display.

Secondary Filter: Personalize the text of the secondary category level filter.

Single Category View: Choose whether you’d like to show primary or secondary category navigation.

All Categories Filter:

Status: You can choose to enable or disable the All Categories filter.

Title: Choose a title for your All Categories filter.

Image: Upload an image for your All Categories filter.

Introduction Text:

Main Heading: Enter the main heading of your course index page.

Sub Heading: Enter a sub-heading for your course index page.


Search: Enter the text you'd like to display in the search feature.

When you have set up your Index Page parameters, click Save Changes.

If you're using both headings you should have something like this on your index page:

The Index Page design is coordinated by General eLearnCommerce Design Options, you can learn how to manage these very quickly from the following guides.

  1. Learn how to chose the primary and secondary colors for eLearnCommerce.
  2. Learn how to manage general layout settings
  3. If you want to heavily modify the layout, you should check our Developer Docs
  4. If you require additional help, you can always contact support, we're happy to help
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