This tutorial requires minimum experience with PHP. You should follow this only if you're comfortable writing code, and have done this before, as making a mistake could potentially take your website down.

Minimum Knowledge Required to follow this guide :

I. The Filter : wpep_primary_content_item_link_title

II. How to Customize the eLearnCommerce Start Course Button using the PHP Filter:

III. Code Analysis.

Filter: "wpep_primary_content_item_link_title" <- this is the filter name, any of the above filters can be used to customize specific element buttons.

Function Response:

We add a text / string before the normal button text. If you want to replace the default button text too, you can use:

Filter Priority: 8

eLearnCommerce uses the following filter priorities :

  1. 5 ( five ) - to set the course-specific button text from the Presentation Card Settings, if configured.
  2. 100 ( one-hundred ) - Membership Plugin Integration(s) for Up-selling Text.
  3. 1000 ( one-thousand ) - Coming Soon Option Checked, will set to #

IV. How to Customize the eLearnCommerce Start Course Button when the text is replaced by a deep Integration that up-sells your courses.

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