With this shortcode, you can display a single active course created with eLearnCommerce on any Wordpress Page.

To use the shortcode, click the eLearnCommerce icon in the WordPress editor and select Course Embed.

This will open the shortcode builder. You can then choose the parameters and insert the shortcode into the WordPress editor.

Shortcode: As you adjust the parameters, the shortcode will appear here.

Course: Choose the course you'd like to embed from the drop-down.

Show Header: Leave checked to display the course header or uncheck to hide it.

Read Only: Choose whether the course is read-only or not or leave the course default option.

Course Type: Leave the course type selected in the course settings or manually change it to a different one.

Wrapper Options:

Width: Set the maximum width of the eLearnCommerce content.

Background: Set the background color of the course page.

Padding: Set the space around the content.

Shadow: Adjust the shadow of the content wrapper.

Once you are ready, click Use Shortcode to insert the shortcode into the editor.

To know more about eLearnCommerce's Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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