You need to add at least one lesson to your course, and each lesson will need at least one section. The lessons are created and managed from the Build tab that is part of the course builder.

You can return to this page to add, update, or remove sections and lessons within the course.


The following steps will help you set up the lessons and sections within the course. These steps are good for both creating a new course and updating existing ones.

  1. Hover over eLearnCommerce in the sidebar and click All Courses.

2. Click on the course you want to edit or create a new course.

3. Click the Build page.

4. Add the title of your first section. In this example, it is called Basic Phrases.

5. Lessons to the section. You can add as many lessons as you'd like. In this example, the first lesson is called Greetings.

Your View

User’s View

In each section, you can add assessments clicking on the graduation cap icon. You can also add a timed delivery clicking the calendar icon. The icon right next to it will allow you to create learning paths. And the last icon, the trash can, allows you to delete a section.

*These options may vary depending on the course type.

In each lesson, you can click the eye icon to edit the lesson content. The arrow icon right next to it allows you to add downloadable files to your lesson. To add timed delivery, click the calendar icon next. And the icon next to it will allow you to copy the lesson content. The last icon, the trash can, allows you to delete a lesson.

6. Click Add Section to add new sections to your course.

7. Click the plus icon under your lessons to add new lessons to a section.

8. Click Update (if you are updating an existing course) or Publish (if you are creating a new course) once you're done to publish your changes.

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