The [ ec_link ] shortcode will add a clickable button leading to the URL it is linked to. The shortcode parameters will provide an easy way to customize the button.
 Example: [ ec_link text="Button Text"] [ / ec_link]

Shortcode parameters:

Shortcode: You will see your shortcode in this field. As you modify the parameters, the shortcode will change live to match the new ones.

Link: Use this field to enter the URL you'd like the button to link to.

Button Text: Enter the text you'd like to show in the button.

Button Color: Select the color of your button.

Text Color: Select the color of the text displayed in the button.

Alignment: Choose what alignment you'd like for your button.

Once you are ready, click Use Shortcode to insert it!

To know more about eLearnCommerce's Visual Shortcode Builder, click here.

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