There are several course options on the course builder sidebar you can use. These can be found in two sections: eLearnCommerce Categories and General Options.

Updating the Miscellaneous Course Options

The following steps will help you update your course options. These steps are good for both creating a new course and updating an existing one.

  1. Hover over eLearnCommerce in the sidebar and click All Courses.

2. Click on the course you want to edit or click on New Course to create a new course.

3. In the right-hand sidebar, you will have the eLearnCommerce Categories options. Select the categories you'd like to apply to your course or click + Add New Category to create a brand new one.

4. Below eLearnCommerce Categories you will see the General Options section.

Here you can select:

Course Type: Choose what kind of course you'd like to create.

Course Theme: Choose the theme you'd like to use for your course page.

Assessments Are: Choose whether or not you'd like to make assessments mandatory.

Pre-requisites Mode: Choose what kind of pre-requisites you'd like to establish for this course.

Pre-requisites: Choose the applicable pre-requisites.

Sidebar: Choose the positioning of your sidebar.

Lesson Completion: Choose whether you'd like lessons to be completed in sequential order or to allow non-sequential completion of lessons.

Read Only: Choose whether this course is read-only or not.

Show Progress Bar: Here you can choose to hide the course progress bar or not.

Progress Repeat: Choose whether to enable or disable progress repeat. This will allow your students to repeat a completed course or to not allow this.

Thumbnail Image: Upload the picture that will show on the Course Index Page.

Icon Image: Upload the picture that will show beside the Course Title. *This option is not available on all course types.

5. On the top right sidebar, you will see the Publish options.

Save Draft: If you'd like to save your progress but not publish your course, click Save Draft.

Status: This will show the current status of the course. Click Edit to change it.

Visibility: This will show the visibility of the course page (publish, password protected, or private). Click Edit to change it.

Publish Calendar: This will show whether the course page will be published immediately or is scheduled to be published at a later time. Click Edit to change it.

Publish: When you are ready, click Publish to publish your course.

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