Testing for Theme Conflicts

1. Log in to your Website Dashboard. The URL will have the format: http://domain.com/wp-admin

2. On the dashboard menu, hover your mouse over Appearance and click Themes

3. Activate the default Twenty Fourteen, Fifteen or Sixteen theme

4. Check to see if the issue still occurs

If the issue does not occur after having activated a default "Twenty" theme, your theme is causing a conflict.

If the issue continues to occur, you should then test for plugin conflicts.

Testing for Plugin Conflicts

1. On the dashboard menu, hover your mouse over Plugins and click Installed Plugins

2. In the Plugins page, check the box at the top of the plugin list to select all plugins.

3. Click the drop-down and select Deactivate. This will deactivate all your plugins.

4. Re-activate the eLearnCommerce plugin first, then re-activate the rest of the plugins one-by-one

5. Check to see if the issue occurs after each plugin is activated

6. The plugin activation that causes the issue to occur will tell which plugin is causing a conflict.

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