You upgraded from Version to and something went wrong?

<<No worries we got you.>>

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If you have a High Traffic Site and you want to Downgrade yourself immediately.

To Downgrade eLearnCommerce follow these simple steps.

Step 1.: Open your Cpanel and go to your File Manager.
 Step 2.: Navigate to the folder that contains your Wordpress Installation.
 Step 3.: Once you're in this folder open the Wp-Content folder.
 Step 4.: Now click on and open the Plugins folder.

In here you now should see a eLearnCommerce folder.

Step 5.: Highlight the eLearnCommerce folder and Delete it.
 Step 6.: into this same folder upload eLearnCommerce Version

To redownload eLearnCommerce version click here

Step 7.: Once the Upload is complete reload or refresh the page.

You now should see the

Step 8.: Highlight and click on Extract

Hit reload or refresh, you should now see a eLearnCommerce folder and a

Step 9.: Delete

You're Done!!!

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