With eLearnCommerce and the Sales Engine, you have the option of selling your content for a one-time fee and also as part of a membership!

First of all, you will need your eLearnCommerce installed and active.

Since you will be selling your content for a one-time fee, you will need to set up payment gateways. In order to do that, you will need the Sales Engine.

As you will also be selling the content as part of a membership, you'll need a membership plugin! The Sales Engine also allows you to create and sell memberships, but if you already have a membership plugin in use you can use it too.

Once you have the Sales Engine installed and active, the first step is to set up your payment gateway. The How to Set Up your Payment Gateway of Choice using the Sales Engine guide will help you with that!

With your payment gateway set up, it is time to create your memberships! The How to Create a Membership Using the Sales Engine guide will help you through the steps.

Memberships created, it is now time to start creating content!

The How to Create a Course guide will give you an overview of the course builder and the steps required to create and publish your first course with eLearnCommerce!

While creating a course, you will need to choose what course type you would like to use. The How to Choose a Course Type and Layout guide will help decide the best one for your content!

The How to setup your e-learning platform selling your Courses and Content for a One-time fee and as part of a recurring Membership at the same time guide will help you with the payment settings for your courses!

Now that you have your content created, it is important to categorize it. This will allow you to organize it better and display it in a way that makes sense to your students.

The How to Categorize your Content with eLearnCommerce guide will help you do just that!

Is your content organized? Great! Now it is time to create your index page!

This is the heard of your membership platform and your content hub! The How to Setup Your Index Page guide will take you through the steps to create it!

Do you prefer hands-on learning?

Check out the eLearnCommerce Walkthrough system!

In your eLearnCommerce Learning Center you can access a variety of walkthroughs that will take you step-by-step through how to create courses and set up your eLearning platform.

Walkthroughs relevant to this setup:

  • Execution Plan Course Type
  • Standard Course Type
  • Video Course Type
  • One Off Course Type
  • Learn Map Type
  • Challenge Course Type
  • One Time Fee Sales Model
  • Recurring Membership Sales Model

Would you rather set up your eLearning platform with eLearnCommerce only? Or use the one-time fee sales model or the recurring membership sales modeexclusively? Check out these guides:

  • eLearning Membership Site Setup using eLearnCommerce Exclusively
  • eLearning Membership Site for One Time Fee Content Sales
  • eLearning Membership Site for Recurring Membership Sales
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