The eLearnCommerce Course Builder aims to be a pleasant experience, and our highest priority is keeping your content safe and ensuring all third-party plugins that add features to the builder are fully compliant at all times.

You can fully personalize your course creation experience very easily, we offer a variety of options. In order to do this:

  1. Hover over the eLearnCommerce tab in your sidebar and click Settings.

2. Click Advanced Options in the General card.

3. This will open the Advanced Options:


1: Check to generate a custom CSS file to deliver the Color Variation & Custom CSS.

2: Check to enforce RTL support.

Now let's dive into the Administration Options.

3: Choose the position of the menu.

4: Choose the number of sections you'd like to automatically pre-load when creating a new course.

5: Choose the number of lessons you'd like to automatically pre-load when creating a new course.

6: Enable an alert to save your content to be displayed when editing a course.

7: Enable or disable the instant lesson editor.

8: Check to automatically open your WYSIWYG text editor by default when adding a new lesson.

9: Check this to enable the integration to your WordPress editor and shortcode building.

10: Chose the editor that will be displayed everywhere within eLearnCommerce.

When you are ready, click Save Changes.

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