This guide will walk you through how to set up the layout for your index page and course pages. Ideally, you can make eLearnCommerce fit within your WordPress theme perfectly with just a few settings, within minutes.

1. Login to your WordPress website and visit wp-admin.

2. Hover over eLearnCommerce in the sidebar and click Settings.

3. Click Design Options under the General card.

4. You can now personalize the eLearnCommerce Layout for the Index Page and Courses.

1: Choose the theme you'd like to use.

2: Choose the size of the base font of your page.

3: Choose the family of your page's font.

4: Choose the primary color of your page.

5: Choose the secondary color of your page.

6: Set the maximum width of your eLearnCommerce page.

7: Choose the background color of the page.

8: Set the space around the content.

9: Adjust the shadow of the content wrapper.

10: Choose a default image for your eLearnCommerce platform.

11: Enter any custom CSS you want to add.

12: When you are ready, click Save Changes.

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